Presentation of prEUgovor Alarm Report on the State of Rule of Law in Serbia
Presentation of prEUgovor Alarm Report on the State of Rule of Law in Serbia

The prEUgovor coalition presents its latest Alarm - report on Serbia's progress in implementation of policies in the areas related to political criteria and covered by chapters 23 (Judiciary & Fundamental Rights) and 24 (Justice, Freedom & Security) of the EU accession negotiations. The event will take place online on Tuesday, May 18th, at 11. 

The period from November 2020 to April 2021 was marked by the accelerated activities of the newly formed Government and Parliament to make up for the lost year in the European integration of Serbia. Exactly six months ago, the prEUgovor coalition stated that almost nothing has been done in key areas, crucial for Serbia's progress in joining the European Union. Serbia has failed to open any new negotiating chapter since 2019, while various international reports have shown growing criticism for the lack of reforms. The Council of the EU approved the implementation of the new enlargement methodology to Serbia's accession negotiations, and further elaboration is expected soon. Serbia has adjusted its negotiating team to the new structure based on clusters. The functioning of democratic institutions and Chapters 23 and 24, monitored by the coalition prEUgovor, are now part of the “Fundamentals” cluster.

The focus of the conference will again be on the fight against corruption and organized crime, the prohibition of discrimination and gender equality, and the combating human trafficking. Following worrying findings last year, some actions have been taken in these areas. Once again, we are witnessing a public “war against the mafia”, new laws and strategies are being drafted, and occasional scandals shed light on the depth of the problems that are just emerging on the surface.

Have the intensified efforts of the authorities made a substantial turn in the approach to reforms previously based on fulfilling the form without worrying about the essence? What results have really been achieved or expected? The following panelists will provide answers to these questions:

  • Jelena Pejić Nikić, Belgrade Centre for Security Policy, editor of the prEUgovor Alarm Report
  • Nemanja Nenadić, Transparency Serbia
  • Vanja Macanović, Autonomous Women's Centre
  • Bojan Elek, Belgrade Centre for Security Policy
  • Jasmina Krunić, ASTRA - Anti-trafficking action

Danica Vučenić, a journalist, will moderate the event.

The working language of the conference is Serbian. Simultaneous translation into English will be provided.

Please, confirm your attendance at the conference here. After registration, the Zoom link to the event and instructions will be forwarded to you via email.

The conference is organised as part of two projects implemented by the prEUgovor coalition:

"PrEUgovor for Rule of Law and EU integration of Serbia" supported by Balkan Trust for Democracy, a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade.

"PrEUgovor Policy Watch: building alliances for stronger impact in uncertain future," funded by the European Union.



About prEUgovor

Coalition prEUgovor is a network of civil society organisations formed in order to monitor the implementation of policies relating to the accession negotiations between Serbia and the EU, with an emphasis on Chapters 23 and 24 of the Acquis. In doing so, the coalition aims to use the EU integration process to help accomplish substantial progress in the further democratisation of the Serbian society.

Members of the coalition are: ASTRA - Anti-Trafficking Action, Autonomous Women's Centre (AWC), Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (BCSP), Centre for Investigative Journalism in Serbia (CINS), Centre for Applied European Studies (CPES), Group 484 and Transparency Serbia (TS).

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