This article is an integral part of the Coalition prEUgovor report on progress of Serbia in Chapters 23 and 24 for the period from May 2015 to October 2015.

Normalisation of Relations between Serbia and Kosovo - November 2015

Since the European Commission's 2013 Progress Report on Serbia, there has been some progress in implementation of the Brussels Agreement signed between Belgrade and Pristina on the 19th of April 2013. The integration of Serbian police officers employed by the Ministry of Interior in North Kosovo has been completed, even though not all deadlines stipulated in the Implementation Plan for the Brussels Agreement dated June 2013 were met[1]. This also remains the only successful segment of the Agreement, given that negotiations on integration of the judiciary and the forming of the Union of Serb Municipalities in the North came to a standstill due to the early elections in Serbia in March, as well as Kosovo elections and their inability to form a government. The normalisation of relations between Serbia and Kosovo is covered by Chapter 35 of the accession talks between Serbia and the EU and is expected to be one of the first chapters opened, most likely at the next intergovernmental conference on the 19th of December this year, provided, however, that the Kosovo government has been formed. Apart from the implementation of Brussels Agreement, there has been progress in integrated border management, freedom of movement and distribution of electricity.


  • Serbian Government needs to take more proactive measures in order to fulfil obligations taken on by signing the Brussels Agreement.
  • Transparency in the process of negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina needs to be increased, especially regarding the implementation of Brussels Agreement on which there are no publicly accessible reports made by the Serbian Government.

[1] For more information see the publication Integracija policije na severu Kosova: napredak i preostali izazovi u primeni Briselskog sporazuma (Integration of Police in North Kosovo: progress and remaining challenges in implementation of Brussels Agreement), April 2014, BCBP, available at: