This article is an integral part of the Coalition prEUgovor report on progress of Serbia in Chapters 23 and 24 for the period from November 2015 to April 2016.

Violence in sport events - May 2016

Sports events in Serbia still pose a serious threat to public order and may lead to the escalation of violence. In October 2014 there was a high tension football match between Albania and Serbia that resulted in a clash between players and fans, after a flag with a political message was flown into the stadium by a drone. The effects of the implementation of the Strategy against Violence and Misbehaviour at Sport Events (2013-2018) are limited. More needs to be done in order to efficiently prosecute offenders and hooligans. Special departments within the courts and prosecutor's offices for quick prosecution of offenders, announced in 2013, were not established.


  • Initiate establishment of the additional Task Force within the Southeast European Law Enforcement Centre (SELEC) organisational structure, which will be responsible for prevention of violent acts at sport events in South-Eastern Europe